Concrete5 packages and block Installation

If your webserver is properly configured, you can automatically install add-ons directly from your dashboard. First connect to the community.

  1. Click Dashboard in the upper right of your concrete CMS toolbar
  2. at the bottom of the Dashboard, click the Extend concrete CMS Click the blue button labelled connect to the community and sign in or register. Use your community account that is created on to login. If you do not have an account you can easily register.

    Tip: The user account and password you use to login to your own website is different from your community account.

    Congratulations, your website is now connected to the Community.

    Now when you shop at, you’ll be able to assign licenses to your Project Page and the add-ons or themes will automatically install the next time you login to your Concrete CMS website.

    On the project page you’ve made you should now have the ability to assign licenses to your project. Pick whichever add-ons & themes are for this site.