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Migrate Website to Concrete5

Impressed by Concrete5 and want to use it for your site? We can help you jump your website running in another cms to Concrete5 in no time at all. Concrete5 with all its advantages is gaining a new respect in the web development community and is definitely here to stay. So switching over to Concrete5 is a good option.

Concrete5 maintainence and Support

Already have a website in Concrete5? We offer optimal support and maintenance for your website at reasonable charges. Once you have handed us the charge of your website, you can rest assured about its well being. We constantly check for upgrades and simultaneously change your site according to the latest additions in Concrete5.

Concrete5 Installation Service

Concrete5 is a one click installation process. So why would you need us to do it? Because even though it’s a fairly easy job, when done by an expert, it eliminates any chance of a mistake.

Concrete5 Add-on Installation

Whether you are looking for a shopping cart, blog, affiliate marketing, audio/video, paid memberships, or something else, there is a Concrete5 Add-on that will work for you. And we have experience setting them all up, giving you the most cost effective way to get your site up and running.

Expert Concrete5 Help

So you tried to jump in with both feet and get your own site setup with Concrete5 but have run into a couple road blocks. Or worse, you paid a supposed Concrete5 Expert’ to develop you a site only to find they were far from an expert. No problem. We can help you finish your project as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Site Specific User Manuals

OK. So you have your beautiful Concrete5 site, now what ? There are many tips and tricks to running and maintaining the content and features on a Concrete5 site. This is our specialty. We will do a site crawl of your Concrete5 site and develop a site specific custom manual for you to use as reference for all the features and Add-ons you have on your site. We will provide easy to follow instructions with screen shots which will save you hours of frustration.

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