Full Stack Concrete5 Designer and Developer

A Top Full Stack Concrete5 Developer and Designer

My name is Ankit K, I am a Full Stack Concrete5 Designer and Developer with 7 plus years of experience in web industry. I have worked with many CMS like Wordpres, Drupal and Joomla. But concrete5 is my passion and I have done extensive work in Concrete5 Responsive Design, Development and updating concrete5 to the latest, However, I’m not just another Concrete5 expert; I thrive in my passion for what I do. Over the years I have served employers all over the world especially in Australia, NewZealand, Denmark, Canada and USA. I am CEO and co-founder of C5Desk which is a group of 6 creative concerte5 expert designer and developer freelance.

How I can help to set up your website based on concerte5 and if you need any help on the followings

Concrete5 Complete Website Development

So you need to create a website? I’m just the person you need. With extensive experience in creating and maintaining Concrete5 websites, you are sure to be in the right hands of concrete5 expert Full Stack Concrete5 Designer and Developer. In last 6 plus years, I have delivered over 200 websites in which i have not only developed functionalities but also have designed the front end of website. My design and development work includes from simple CMS websites, E-commerce store set up to a complex community-based website also. Being passionate in what I do guides me towards creating unique websites that stand out from other typical sites.

Concrete5 E-commerce Responsive Design and Development

Like others, you also want to have your own online store but you are not that much tech savvy and want a store that is easy to manage then concerte5 E-commerce store is the right choice and I will help you get your customers wherever they are by creating an online extension of your business. I will not only configure concrete5 online store but, being a Full Stack Concrete5 Designer and Developer i can also customize concrete5 to create a website that will blend to precision with the nature of your business and that of your customers and will ensure secure receipts of payments.

Concrete5 Website Redesign

Suppose you already have a Concrete5 website but it does not meet your needs or its look and feel is outdated and your visitors do not find it very boring or it just doesn’t have that magic touch it needs to get visitors flowing in? I’m glad to tell you that all is not lost. Being a Full Stack Concrete5 Designer and Developer I can redesign your existing Concrete5 websites to a mobile friendly website (without losing your concrete5 website’s SEO), giving them a whole new look and feel. Your customers/visitors will find it as easy to navigate on site.

Help Updating Conceret5 to the Latest Update

Using old version of concrete5 is always risky as it is prone to bugs and hackers to make your website more secure and right now you want to use the latest stable version of conrete5 Or you find it hard to upgrade your concrete5 version 5.6 to concrete5 version 5.7 because there is no auto-upgrade script available and you cannot do manual upgrade yourself. It’s therefore, would be an even harder job updating your current Concrete5 version to the latest without breaking a few bones. This is the reason why you may need an expert to help you update your CMS. Specially when you are looking to upgrade your website from concerte5 version 5.6 to 5.7 without losing your content or any functionality of your concrete5 CMS. I can update any version to the latest version with ease.  Therefore, there’s no reason for you to keep using the outdated versions.

Concrete5 Responsive Design Integration

It is not always that your target market will be using PCs to view your page. Around 70% of traffic is coming from mobile devices. If your website is not responsive you might be losing a major chunk of traffic. Responsive design is when a website is created to appear friendly or fits itself automatically on each device of different screen sizes. It, therefore, will be easy to access the whole page on even the smallest of smart devices without having to zoom in and out to see the next item. I am well acquainted with Concrete5 responsive website design and promise a smooth transition from desktop view to mobile view. With this, you will be sure to attract web visits from more people.

Concrete5 Bug Fixing

You’ve probably had someone create your website in the past, only to later bring it down due to the heavy bug ‘infestation’. You don’t have to worry about that anymore because being a Full Stack Concrete5 Designer and Developer, my job is not only limited to fixing design issue, being a concrete5 developer I guarantee to help you in fixing bugs in your concrete5 website. Further, I assure you that whatever work I will do it will be completely bug-free work. This can easily be attributed to the fact that I work out of passion.

3 Years Free Support

As I started by saying, I’m driven by passion. My ultimate goal is to see your projects thriving through my work. Once I develop or provide a solution to your website, I don’t rest. I walk with you every step of the way to make sure you achieve the desired result. I’m always ready to step in when a problem arises and give maximum customer care hence 3 years of free support. You can most definitely count on me monitor the progress of your website and offer advice on the way forward in those three years.

If, you need any help with concerte5 just say “hi”.