Complete Concrete5 Solutions

If you have conceived the basic idea about what you would like your concrete5 website to do, then we can turn that idea into reality.
Our Expert Concrete5 Developers and Designers can build it, publish it, host it,market it and maintain your Concrete5 Website for you – A complete Concrete5 solution that gives you control, but takes away all the hassle and complexity of constructing your own concrete5 website.

We offer a complete Concrete5 service that includes everything necessary to ensure you get

a) Quick Concrete5 site
b) An efficient Conccrete5
c) Securely Solutions
d) And a cost-effectively solutions

Concrete5 Concept, Objectives and Overall Concrete5 Design for your website –

We consult with you to understand what your concrete5 website needs to achieve in terms of satisfying your objectives. For example, the website may be just to provide information about you and your interests, or perhaps you have a business that you want to promote in your local community.

Maybe you have a new idea that you want to publicize on a global basis, or a larger established “brick and mortar” business that needs to achieve an enhanced web presence to fight off the competition.

We take all these factors, and more, into account so that we build only what you need, not too much and not too little. That way, we keep prices down and make sure our customers are not just happy, but delighted, with their concrete5 websites.

Functional Requirement –

We gain an understanding of what your Concrete5 website needs to do. Is it simply going to show photos, other images and text? Will it need to be able to capture visitor information such as email addresses for subscriptions?

Is an email autoresponder required so contacts can be followed-up automatically? Will you need a product catalogue and shopping cart with concrete5? Understanding these requirements helps ensure we bring together the right Concrete5 addons, themes and plugins to meet your needs without adding superfluous elements that could inflate costs or lengthen delivery times.

Graphics and Images –

If you need customised graphics or images for the your concrete5 site header or elsewhere on the site, we can design these for you. But we are also happy to work with an existing graphics designer if you already have one, or to include images that you already own.

Iterative Development –

Depending on the size of the Concrete5 project, we will build one or more prototypes which we host on one of our development domains. Using skype, screen sharing or telephone, we then give you a “walk through” of the website we are building for you.

This process lets you check out the “look and feel” and functional aspects of your site and we can then make changes if required.

Publishing and Hosting –

When your website is complete, we transfer the Concrete5 code along with all necessary themes, addons and database to a “live” server. The server can be your own (or more likely a hosted service provided by a hosting company) or alternatively, we can provide the hosting service for you.

Tuition, Maintenance and Support –

After your new Concrete5 website is published, you may wish to keep it updated yourself with new content and additional functionality. If so, we can provide one-to-one coaching and tuition that will enable you to use the Concrete5 content management and site development features.

Alternatively, we can provide these maintenance services for you either on an hourly “charged as used” basis, or as a monthly fee.